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2007 Activity

Period President Secretary Special feature Academic Activity
2006 – 2007 Dr.Sneha Hingway Dr. Rasika Gadkari 1. Installation on 5th Feb Late Badriprasad Shrivastav Trophy awarded to AB Negative donors
2. Slide Seminar on March 11 2006
3. 1st Intercollegiate postgraduate Pathology Quiz on 19th April 2006
4. Lecture on 20th May 2006
5. Slide Seminar on 24th June 2006
6. Joint Program with ISA, Nagpur branch on 6th August 2006
7. Undergraduate quiz on 24th August 2006
8. M.T.Paithankar Oration on 24th September 2006
9. Workshop on 28th October
10. Workshop in Amravati on 29th November 2006
11. Workshop on Guided FNAC on 9th and 10th December 2006

1. CME on Stem cells Dr.R.R.Bhonde,Senior Scientist ,National Cell Science Institute ,Pune spoke on Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine.. Dr. D.K.Chopde ,Director Genetic Health and Research Centre, Nashik spoke on Cytogenetics:Tissue cultureand Karyotyping,Diagnostics Application. Dr. R.R.Rbhonde spoke on stem cell in PAcreatic Disorders. Dr. Meena Nadedkar ,Neuropatholgists from U.S spoke on Molecular Genetics of B Cell lymphoma.
2. Slides presented by members Microphotographs displayed on website.
3. GALAXY Post graduate quiz. Trophy donated by Dr. Rakesh Shrivastav in memory of his late mother MRs. Urmila Shrivastav
4. Dr. Suresh Chari HRD spoke on Managing people
5. members presented interesting cases
6. Update on Transfusion Medicine with Anaesthesia Society
7. Sharda Shrinivasan Trophy undergraduate quiz
8. Oration awarded to Dr. M.m Munshi.She spoke on Problematic areas of breast cytology. Dr. Meenal Hastak Asso. Prof. JJ Hospital, Mumbai conducted slide seminar on gray zones in breast pathology
9. Diagnostic Camp at Kolurpur , Melghat.
10. Dr. Tejinder Singh Prof AN dHead of Pathology, MAMC New Delhi conducted workshop Bone Marrow Aspiration and Trephine Biopsy interpretation
11. 2 day workshop on Guided FNAC jointly organized with Dept. Of Radiology


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