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2003 Activity

Period President Secretary Special feature Academic Activity
2003 – 2004 Dr. Mrunamayi Kotwal Dr. R Ravi 1. Installation on 19th Jan 2003
2. 1st Late Badriprasad Srivastav blood donation trophy started
3. Cme on 30th March
4. VAPM became a registered body
5. Slide seminar on 27th April 2003
6. Intercollegiate pathology quiz on 13th August 2003
7. CME on 12 th October 2003
8. Slide seminar on 7th December 2003
1. Dr. Chitale spoke on Interpretation of GGastrointestinal Endoscopic biopsies and discussed 20 cases.
2. Trophy awarded to Rh negative donors.
3. Dr. Suresh Jalgaonkar spoke on Coexistance of HBV,HCV and HIV infection and Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis, the need availability and limitations. Dr. Vilas Jagirdar spoke on BIoterorism Dr. Yadnesh Thakkar spoke on Microalbuminuria..
4. Registration no.MH -182/03(N)
5. Interesting cases presented by members
6. 7 teams participated.Dr. Kamayani Deshpande and Dr Swati Kulkarni were quiz masters.
7. Dr. NAresh And Dr,. JAmbhekar
8. Intersting cases presented by members


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