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Down The Memory Lane


Vision with action is always a sensible attitude .This being so the idea of VAPM was conceived in 1986.The farsighted dream of the then team was to create a platform to arrange programmes in the field of pathology to enhance knowledge with mutual exchange of experiences and patronage of stalwarts in the subject. To prove their point they created VAPM. The then zealous pioneers with newer members who followed, with full dedication devotion and determination nourished this tender sapling of 20 members to reach the present size of a full bloomed fruit bearing tree of 300 members with more to come. The first constitution was prepared by Dr. Mukta Kherdekar and Late Dr. M.T. Paithankar. The first body of VAPM was installed by Dr. R.K. Gadgil. Founder Members slide Torch bearers Partnership of trust and faith leads to growth. Joining hands to grow together aiming to be stronger for prosperity accepting challenges they took VAPM to greater heights.

Year President Secretary
1986-88 Dr. Usha Hardas Dr. Mukta Kherdekar
1988 -98 Dr.Mrs.Shobha Grover Dr. Pushpa Jagtap
1998 – 2000 Dr.Mrs.Pushpa Jagtap Dr. M.M. Kamal
2001 Dr.Mrs.Asha Kher Dr. Sneha Hingway
2002 Dr.Lalit Jain Dr. Archana Deshpande
2003 Dr. M.N. Kotwal Dr. R. Ravi
2004 Dr. Pradeep Umap Dr. Shishir Kolhe
2005 Dr. Ajay Marawar Dr. Avinash Sapre
2006 Dr. Sneha Hingway Dr. Rasika Gadkari
2007 Dr. Lalit Lad Dr. Shailendra Mundhada
2008 Dr. Archana Deshpande Dr. Sanjay Deotale
Milestones Quality is never an accident ,its always the result of intelligent effort. Lets make winning a habit and do our best to achive more milestones unitedly.

VAPM became registered body, Reg no. 182/03(N) under the presidential of Dr. M.N. Kotwal and Dr. R.Ravi as Hon. Secretary. Undergraduate Pathology quiz organized by Pathology Department, GMC, Nagpur was clubbed with VAPM in 2001-02 when Dr. Lalit Jain was president and Dr. Archana Deshpande was Secretary. The Badriprasad Shrivastava Memorial Voluntary Blood Donors Trophy was started in the year 2003 during the tenure of Dr. Lalit Jain as President and Dr. Archana Deshpande as Secretary The Trophy is dedicated in the memory of of Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava’s grandfather who promoted voluntary blood donation. Dr. Shrivastava is himself a recipient of Shri. J.R. JOLLY National Award for outstanding work in field of blood banking. Voluntary blood donors are felicitated by Guest of Honor and Chief Guest Dr. Sanjay Paithankar donated to VAPM to start an oration in name of his father Dr. M.T. Paithankar in 2004-05, Dr M.T Paithankar was the founder member of VAPM and he had played a major part in drafting the first constitution of this association. Dr. P. Umap was president and Dr. Shishir Kolhe was Hon. Secretary Maharashtra level intercollegiate Postgraduate pathology quiz was started from 2006-07 and the first quiz masters were Dr. M.N. Kotwal and Dr. Pradeep Umap. FIrst Intercollegiate Post graduate quiz. Trophy named Urmiladevi Shrivastav Memorial P.G.Quiz Trophy sponsored by Dr Rakesh Shrivastav in memory of his mother who was a multifaceted personality. It was due to the efforts of Dr Shrivastav and Dr Archana Deshpande that it could be held at state level.