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2005 Activity

Period President Secretary Special feature Academic Activity
2004 -2005 Dr. Pradeep Umap Dr.Shishir Kolhe Dr.Shishir Kolhe 1. Installation on 1st Feb 2004
2. Slide seminar on 12 th March 2004 at Dental College, GMC
3. Slide seminar at Dental College, GMC Nagpur on 18th June 2004
4. Hematology Update on 11th April 2004 in Chandrapur
5. CME on Recent and modern trends in Clinical Pathology on 8th August 2004
6. Rainbow PAthQuest for undergraduates on 26th August 2004 at GMC, Nagpur
7. Lectures on 27th November 2004
8. CME Cytology on 26th Dec.2004
9. Dr. Sanjay Paithankar donated to VAPM to start an oration in name of his fatherDr. M.T.Paithankar

1. CME on Breast Pathology Dr. Niirmala Vaze spoke on Clinical Aspects and screening for breast Malignancy.. Dr. Roshni Chinoy Spoke on proliferative breast disease and gray zone lesions. Dr. Prachi Mahajan spoke on Role of screening Mammography in Indian Context. Dr. Prassanna Joshi talked on Importance of various prognostic factors to cmment on breast pathology reporting. 2nd Late Badriprasad Shrivastav Awards to Rh Negative donors presented.
2. Interesting cases discussed by members
3. Interesting cases discussed by members
4. Dr.Avinash Poflee spoke on Congenital Coagulation Disorders. Dr. A.V.Shrikhande on Update on Hemoglobinopathies. Dr.Shailendra Mundhada on Flow Cytometry.
5. Dr. Iqbal Musani Director Dept. of Laboratory Medicine Al Jeenali group spoke on Recent Advances in Cardiac Marker studies in Acute Myocardial Infarction and Modern Trends in Transfusion Medicine. Dr. Pravin Gadkari spoke on Interpretation of Automated Hematology Analyzer Results .
6. 5 colleges participated.Quizmasters were
7. Dr. Anita Borges talked on Problems in Lymphnode diagnosis in childhood. Epithelial Ovarain tumours – a different prespective and The role of Pathologist in modern management of trophoblastic tumours.
8. Dr.Siddham of Wincosin spoke on Intraoperativ eCytology and pitfalls in cytology. Dr. Neelam Kolte talked on Guided Aspirations and conducted slid eseminar


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