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1988 -98 Activity

Period President Secretary Special feature Academic Activity
1986 – 1988 Dr. Usha Hardas Dr. Mukta Kherdekar 9/3/86 1st annual day function
9/7/86 2nd executive meeting
Constitution prepared by Dr. Mukta Kherdekar and late Dr.M.T. Paithankar and VAPm members.
Installation ceremony by Dr. Gadgil
1) Guest lecture by Dr. R.R.Gadgil on recent advances in Leprosy
2) Dr. Prabodh Deshmukh and Dr. Navneet . spoke on Computer in Laboratory Medicine
1991 Dr. Shobha Grover Dr. Pushpa Jagtap Dr. Shobha Grover Course Director for Immunological Techniques,and Techniques in cytology and techniques in Mycology March 1991 Guest Lecture by
Dr. S.S. Kelkar – Mumbai
Dr. Thygarajan – Chennai
Dr. Sudha Gangal – New Delhi
Dr. A.M.Saoji – Nagpur
And participated in the workshop
1996 – 1997- 98 Dr. Shobha Grover Dr. Pushpa Jagtap Guest Faculty and local members participating

Dr. S.W. Kulkarni moderated Symposium 4/9/97

Guest lecture by faculty from abroad organized by Dr. Asha Kher 12 /1/98

Dr. Shamla Bhaskaran Hyderabad – Diagnostic Appraoch to Vaginal Infections 27/2/96
Quality Assuarance Dr. Shrikant Joshi
Quality control Quality assurance statistics – dr Deepak Mendiretta
Quality Control in Blood Banking – dr shrivastavand Biosafety – dr ?Tankhiwale

Dr Meena Nandedkar Washington on adenexal Tumors of skin

1998 Dr. Pushpa Jagtap Dr.Meherbano Kamal 1) installation 19/9/1998 J.S.Saharia Divisional Commissioner installed the team
3) VAPM Activity at MGIMS by Dr. Pratibha Narang
4) Dr. M Kamal organized workshop
1) Dr. V.H. Talib, New Delhi guest lecture problem in Managemant of clinical laboratory Dr. Ravi Wankhede and Dr Avinash Poflee, Nagpur on Blood Banking New Aspects
3) Dr. Parmashivam Chennai delivered Guest Lecture – Overview of drug resistance TB. Lab diagnosis of TB 24 /3 /1999
4) Dr.Hemant Kulkarni Nagpur on Writing a Research paper 24/1/1999


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