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2006 Activity

Period President Secretary Special feature Academic Activity
2005 – 2006 Dr. Ajay Marawar Dr. Avinash Sapre 1. Installation 0n 6th Feb 2005
2. Clinicopathological Scientific Activity on 9th March
3. CME on 10th April 2005 at MGIMS, Sewagram
4. Lectures on 4th Amy 2005
5. Slide Semina ron 12th June 2005
6. Clinicopathological Activity on 8th July 2005
7. Undergraduate Pathology Quiz named in memory of Smt.Sharda Srinivasen
8. Clinicopathological Discussion on 21st September 2005
9. First M.T. Paithankar Oration given on 16th October 2005
10. Preview of Dr.P.N.Wahi Oration
11. Cultural evening on 10th December 2005

1. Dr. Meena Bhattacahrjee spoke on Pediatric Brain tumours. Dr.M.M.Kotwal spoke on Peripheral Nerve sheath tumours a morphologist’s delight Dr. Pradeep Umap held a dermatology slide seminar.
2. Dr. Sunil Ambulkar spke on Interpretation of hormonal test results. Dr. Abhay Pande spoke on Relevance of Lab tests in Rhematology. Dr. Girish Moghe spoke on Diagnostic utility of immunochemistry.
3. Dr. Chitale spoke on Renal biopsy interpretation. Dr. Anita Shah spoke on GI biopsy Interpretation. Dr. Girish Mujumdar spoke on Bone marrow trephine biopsy interpretation. Dr. A.N. Pendharkar spoke on Accreditation of Small and Medium sized Laboratories.
4. Dr. Rekha Patil spoke on Rehydration technique in Cytology. Dr.Ashwini Ookhalkar spoke on Acute Interstitial Nephritis. Dr. Archana Deshpande spoke on Technique in Body fluids cytology. Dr. Rasiak Gadkari spoke on PEP guidelines in HIV.
5. Slided presented by members
6. Dr. Shrikant Mukewar spoke on Interpretation of liver function tests and hepatitis Markers.
7. Dr. Sneha Hinghe and Dr.Sucheta Mutha were quiz masters.
8. Dr.S.N.Deshmukh spoke on The lipidogram-it’s interpretation and clinical significance. Dr. PRavin Gdkari spoke on Laboratory markers of Myocardial Injury
9. Oration awarded to Dr.M.B.Agarwal. He spoke on Laboratory approach to anemia and labapproach to Bleeding Disorders and Acute Leukemai. Dr. A. Pophli spoke on Peripheral Smear – a tresure of information.
10. Dr. M.M.Munshi spoke on Cytology unlimited and limitations of Cytology


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